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    Bariatric Surgery Evaluations

    Dr. Sudbeck has completed over 400 psychological evaluations for those preparing for bariatric surgery. He is knowledgeable, professional, and well-versed in the bariatric process and ways to assist patients in best preparing themselves for both the physical and emotional challenges they may face. 

    What does a pre-surgery psychological evaluation entail?

    Despite sounding intimidating, the psychological evaluation is not at all scary. Rather, it is an opportunity for patients to examine their own motivations, emotional preparedness, and general mental readiness to undergo a complex surgical procedure.

    The first component of the psychological evaluation is simply a discussion on overall motivations for pursuing bariatric surgery. For many people, their weight has become a problem in their lives and it is important to examine ways their obesity negatively impacts everyday functioning. What are your personal goals? Why did you decide to pursue this surgery? What do you hope to accomplish?

    • Time will be spent discussing past factors that have contributed to your current obesity. These conversations are not meant to be a “deep dive” into your history, but rather a chance to explore the timeline of your weight-gain (or any weight-loss) over the years.
    • Questions will be asked of your past and present eating habits. Where did you learn these behaviors? Have diet routines changed over the years? Have you been successful at dieting in the past? Why or why not?
    • We will also discuss the mental health components of obesity. It is no secret that there remains a correlation between weight and depression, anxiety, self-confidence, etc. How does your present weight impact your perceptions of yourself? Your relationships with others? In what ways does your weight hinder your capacities to engage in everyday activities?

    The second component of the evaluation involves taking two standardized psychological questionnaires. This is the “objective” part of the evaluation. While you are first asked to “tell your story,” the questionnaires simply require you to answer true/false items inquiring about past and present symptoms of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, familiarity with surgical procedures, etc.

    How long will the evaluation take?

    • Most people complete the psychological evaluation in 1-2 hours.

    What happens after the pre-bariatric surgery evaluation?

    • Following the evaluation, Dr. Sudbeck will write a personalized, comprehensive report summarizing the results. Recommendations will be made regarding any useful strategies that may further benefit a patient as they proceed through their bariatric program. 
    • All patients receive a copy of their report once completed. Dr. Sudbeck will also fax the report to the patient’s Weight Management Coordinator.

    How much does the evaluation cost and will insurance cover the cost of the visit?

    • TRUE Counseling & Psychological Services, LLC is in-network with most major insurance companies. While it is the responsibility of all patients to ensure that their particular insurance plan covers bariatric surgery and psychological services, Dr. Sudbeck will assist in completing all necessary paperwork, prior authorizations, etc.
    • For patients who choose to forego insurance, self-pay rates can be discussed with Dr. Sudbeck prior to scheduling an appointment.