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    Men’s Issues

    Believe it or not, men experience emotions, too! For many men, however, acknowledging and addressing mental health problems is difficult and often met with embarrassment or shame.  It is unfortunate that this is the case, especially given the growing recognition that addressing one’s mental health is as important as caring for one’s physical health.  Rather than feeling ashamed for seeking help, men (and women) should be commended.  

    TRUE Counseling & Psychological Services, LLC provides a professional, safe, and confidential environment for men needing assistance in addressing issues related to depression, anxiety, anger, family conflicts, and/or work-related stress. Through open communication and collaboration, clients are encouraged to reflect on aspects of their lives they wish to change and ways these improvements can be achieved.  Counseling sessions are more than just, “how does that make you feel?”.  Instead, our Therapists encourages direct, challenging, and engaging conversations meant to explore one’s thoughts and perceptions so that productive and lasting changes can be made.