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    Therapy for Depression

    Depression is more than just “feeling sad all the time.” For many, depression is something that is “felt” even when it cannot be put into words.  Common symptoms of depression include an intense loss of motivation or fulfillment in life, lacking interest in social activities, recurrent appetite changes, poor sleep habits, sudden crying spells, and/or feelings of worthlessness.  In some cases, thoughts of death or suicide may also be present. 

    Unlike years prior, many now recognize depression to be a legitimate and debilitating problem for men, women, and children alike.  Furthermore, repeated studies have shown that individual therapy is often most useful in overcoming depression rather than simply relying on medication alone.  At TRUE Counseling & Psychological Services, LLC, goals of treatment typically emphasize factors influencing depression and strategies meant to change a person’s thinking and behaviors.  By examining one’s emotions, daily actions, and related thought patterns, clients can find the change they seek so that they can feel more efficient, satisfied and productive in their everyday functioning.