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    Counseling for Anxiety

    Similar to depression, feelings of anxiety have become increasingly prevalent in recent years.  Some even say that “anxiety and depression are different sides of the same coin.”  For many, anxiety manifests itself through constant states of internal tension, nervousness, or extreme worry.  Repeated anger outbursts, difficulties focusing, and feelings of panic are also common.  When asked to describe anxiety, many individuals struggle putting it into words and instead simply say that it is “something they feel.”

    Treating anxiety is possible. Therapists at TRUE Counseling, LLC are assisted in recognizing the source(s) of their fears as well strategies to be used to feel less afraid, worried, etc.   Factors influencing a person’s anxiety are explored as well as techniques meant to monitor emotions, to prevent rising stress, and to adapt to uncomfortable situations.  Through treatment clients are encouraged to adjust their negative thinking and behaviors in order to feel more mentally stable and self-confident in handling any challenges they may face.